Vida Hotels and Resorts takes the environment and the care of it very seriously. As conscientious members of society and the communities in which we operate, we strive to reduce environmental damage wherever possible, while ensuring our actions have a positive impact on the world.

The Vida Hotels and Resort’s philosophy is built on five tenets that we work hard to follow every day:

- We promise that our guests and our neighbouring communities will experience minimal negative effects from our activities.

- We promise to minimise the use of local and global resources by actively recycling and reusing materials and energy.

- We promise to consistently aim to reduce or remove the use of hazardous materials and waste in order to reduce pollution.

- We promise to keep ourselves up-to-date and educated in the field of environment awareness and make improvements wherever necessary.

- We promise to spread and maintain awareness among ourselves as a team, our trusted suppliers and our guests, to encourage responsible behaviour and reduce potential environmental impact.